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Your business development partner in Turkey!

The Istanbul Consulting  Company (TICC) provides full service support for foreign investors in Turkey. With its specialised team , TICC  offers fast solutions for companies planning to enter in Turkish market or to those already present in Turkey.

TICC has been founded by two partners:

Mr Turgut Ziyal (MBA)  is a veteran of Turkish food industry with 30 years of hands-on management and marketing experience, mostly in foreign companies. He has actively build joint ventures, started  and managed direct foreign investments and erected manufacturing units in Turkey.  He is therefore uniquely positioned to anticipate what problems may await individuals or companies considering to enter the Turkish market and to resolve those problems with expertise.

Mr. Ziyal has also built from the ground up and managed several successful distribution networks in Turkey. He knows that one of the biggest challenges of the vast Turkish market is to  manage distribution, and is ready to offer consulting services for how to build  a wide and powerful sales network in Turkey.

Mr. Guldenir Kurtar (CPA) has vast experience in financial management, tax structuring and business development. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has served in the major industrial groups in Turkey as senior executive. He has built new companies, established managerial controlling systems and served as a tax partner in Deloitte. His experience in international tax law makes him unique in  advising companies for financial structuring and improving their  financial management skills.


Mobile :       Turgut Ziyal       +90.532.264 8911

                   Guldenir Kurtar +90.532.302  8087

E-mail: turgut.ziyal@theistanbulconsulting.com




Recent Euromonitor, article about global growth estimations in 2013, foresees a shrinkage in eurozone. The only European country having a sizable growth in 2013 will be Turkey. See the article here and here.


The historian Dominic Sandbrook on the intoxicating diversity of Istanbul in Turkey.  Click here for the guide

Price Waterhouse Cooper has published in May 2012 a new report about Turkey: "Turkey in 2041 - Looking to the Future" . ın this report PwC comments about Turkey as follows:

Turkey’s economic landscape will be a very different place in 2041. The country has the opportunity to capitalise on a growing, skilled labour force to sustain long-term economic growth. The range of options that are open to Turkey should see it cement itself as the 12th largest economy in the world by 2041, climbing up the global economic league table in the process. Its success will depend upon a variety of factors; one of which is the development of key national industries. 

Download the full report from the link below:

turkey-in-2041-eng.pdf turkey-in-2041-eng.pdf
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 As arguably emerging Europe's most distinct and promising market, Turkey's hefty population (about 72mn) and strong long-term economic growth prospects distinguishes it from a region that to a large extent suffers from a weak long-term demographic outlook....

Turkey is expected to be one of Europe’s strongest performing economies over the next decade. Able to call on a dynamic long-term economic outlook , a business friendly regulatory environment and a growing population already in excess of 70mn, Turkey is likely to emerge as one of the world’s highest potential consumer markets over the next decade.....

As one of the much vaunted “E7” emerging markets along with Brazil, China, India and Indonesia, Mexico and Russia, Turkey’s mass grocery retail industry has a promising future and growth potential.....

Business Monitor International

Turkey may neighbor Greece, but it might as well be on a different planet. The economy is growing, shoppers are shopping and purveyors of consumer goods are falling over themselves to expand in the self-styled gateway between Asia and Europe.

Financial Times July 01,2012


The New Turkish Commercial Code, approved by Turkish parliament , brings major changes and facilitates direct foreign investments. The new Turkish Commercial Code is in effect from 2012 on. You may learn more about the new commercial code here.




In recent years, Turkey has overcome a series of political and economic challenges and is now enjoying a period of stable and solid economic growth.

The country still has great untapped potential, with its economy set to grow at least 5% each year in the medium term.

Turkey’s world-class features include its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East and the size of its domestic market. These strengths are attracting a number of investors, who remain confident about Turkey’s future.

Indeed, over half of respondents to the survey are considering establishing or developing additional activities in Turkey over the next year.

Historically, Turkey has been reliant on the developed economies for a significant portion of its trade and investment.

Download the full report to learn more.